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Top 10 online grocery stores in Switzerland

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What are the best grocery stores in Switzerland?  This is a large state with many intriguing features. In terms of products and services, Switzerland’s best online grocery stores are one-of-a-kind.

The Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in Switzerland are listed by Georgeweb below in this post.

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores In Switzerland


The biggest Swiss supermarket chain has over 600 large stores across the country. Migros is a cooperative, and around 2 million Swiss residents are members. Migros Online (formerly LeShop.ch) is the Swiss market leader among online supermarkets and a subsidiary of the Migros Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB). Stores sell everything but cigarettes and alcohol. They sell a wide variety of groceries (including dairy, fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, and meat), as well as other home items (cleaning products, sanitary products etc).


Another cooperative, Coop has well over a thousand stores. Products are typically slightly more expensive than Migros, but unlike their major rivals, Coop stores sell cigarettes and alcohol. They offer a full range of groceries (including dairy, both fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables and meat) plus other household goods (cleaning products, sanitary products etc) also wine, spirits and tobacco.


The third-largest Swiss supermarket has stores across the country. Despite being owned by Migros, Denner stores stock a range of alcohol alongside more reasonably-priced groceries. Denner is a Swiss grocery business that offers low prices. After Migros and Coop, it is Switzerland’s third largest grocery chain.


The Volg Konsumwaren AG owns and operates a number of supermarkets. The company sells a variety of home items as well as groceries. The fourth-largest Swiss retailer is Volg. Stores can be found in rural towns and villages throughout German- and French-speaking Switzerland.


SPAR, formerly DESPAR, is a Dutch multinational that provides branding, supplies, and support services to independent food retailers. The Dutch retailer operates a network of smaller stores across Switzerland. Typically found in more rural areas and city centers, products can be a little more expensive.


Amazon is a service for swiss members and many others that allows them to purchase for groceries online and have them delivered in a single package to their door. In Switzerland, Amazon already sells a variety of products such as cellphones, clothes, laptops, cameras, and other stuff.


If you’re looking to take your grocery shopping to the highest level, then check out the food retailer of the Manor department store chain. You can expect to pay more for luxury goods and high-quality products. Fill your fridge with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and more.


GLobus is a Swiss retail company that operates supermarket and convenience store brands. Another high-end food retailer, this is the supermarket from the Globus department store that has top-quality delicatessen foods and offers a home delivery service for all your party needs. It is like a German version of an American Super Target or Walmart.

Aldi Suisse

The local name for the German discount supermarket, Aldi, Aldi Suisse has over 200 stores in the country, making it Switzerland’s largest discount grocery chain. Top quality at the best price! Plus weekly new offers & promotions at the ALDI price with more freshness, more quality, more sustainability


The Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH, based in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany, is a chain of organic food supermarkets and a producer of organic food. Under the Alnatura brand, the company was created in 1984 and distributes food and textiles that are produced with environmental considerations in mind. Switzerland’s leading bio-supermarket is actually owned by Migros. You’ll find the widest range of organic produce here, although most supermarkets stock decent amounts.


This concludes our list of Top 10 online grocery stores in Switzerland. Visit any of these stores to purchase grocery, also checkout their online apps to buy food and groceries and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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