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Top 10 wealthiest families in kenya and their Net worth

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In our previous post, we discussed the Top 10 Richest Kenyans. In today’s edition, we’ll also give you the names of Kenya’s wealthiest families right presently.

These are the richest families in Kenya in 2022. Some are self-made, while others are a mix of inheritance and hard work. These families have combined wealth in excess of Ksh1 billion between them, mostly coming from the banking, real estate, and telecommunication sectors.

List of richest families in Kenya

Kenya has several families that are known for their wealth but in no particular here is a look at the top 10 richest families in Kenya according to victor-mochere

FamilyNet Worth
Moi Family$3.5 billion
Kenyatta Family$3.3 billion
Shah Family$3 billion
Chandaria Family$2.8 billion
Biwott Family$2.3 million
Odinga Family$2.2 million
Njonjo Family$1.8 billion
Kulei Family$1.5 billion
Nyachae Family$1.3 billion
Ndegwa Family$1.2 billion

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