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Full list of Top Ghanaian Borehole drilling companies in 2022

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In most African countries, the water crisis has become a typical occurrence. This valuable global resource is rapidly depleting. Worse, most states are having difficulty cleaning and recycling their own wastewater. Despite the fact that this is often a problem of quality rather than quantity, credible sources have warned that prolonged climate change, combined with population increase and the failure to manage for wastewater, will result in water shortages in many nations by 2030.

Because of growing utility and water bills in most nations, drilling a borehole is quickly becoming a practical option for many people seeking ‘cheaper’ water. Boreholes can provide a quick return on investment, decreasing expenses by up to 75% when compared to a metered mains supply, depending on how much water is used. A borehole is a vertical shaft dug into the ground that is tiny in diameter. Boreholes can be dug for a variety of reasons, including extracting water or other liquids like natural petroleum or gases like natural gas.

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List of Borehole drilling companies in Ghana

In this article, we will guide you by way of listing the top Borehole drilling companies in Ghana. Read on to discover more about the firms that provide mechanized borehole services today.

In no particular order, below are the companies that may provide borehole drilling services in Ghana.

Global Waters Ghana Limited 

Global Waters Ghana Limited is one of the most well-known companies in Ghana that specializes in Borehole drilling, installation, plumbing and solar borehole services. This company specializes in boreholes for institutions, communities, and private residences. The company, which was founded in 2012, specializes in offering a wide range of services across the country, including:

  • Borehole drilling and construction
  • Geological Survey
  • Water treatment
  • Pump installation
  • Plumbing services

Contact Details

Address: Point 4, 2nd Darko Ln, Accra

Phone: 024 841 3673

Able Water Solution

Able Water Solution is one of the leading water borehole drilling companies in Ghana. With several years’ experience, they have drilled numerous water boreholes, wells and installed a large number of borehole pumps. The company has built an excellent reputation for providing reliable, trouble-free water supplies.

Able Water Solution’s water boreholes have given several years of trouble-free service and are still going strong. Each system is tailor made to your unique requirements. The selection of the best quality borehole equipment and non-corrosive materials keeps maintenance costs down.

They also prefer to supply a full service which includes not just the borehole drilling, but also submersible pump, pressure vessel, storage tanks etc, depending on individual requirements.
They also provide civil engineering services such as Geological Survey, Construction, etc.
Product Packages are as follows;

  • Borehole Drilling
  • Water Treatment
  • Pump Installation
  • Geological Survey
  • Construction
  • Plumbing

Able Water Solution is capable of providing service to their client(s) at a faster rate and within the agreed-upon time frame. Gridco Ghana Limited and Nestle Ghana Limited are two of the company’s clients. Calvary Rentals Limited, Donbosco School, Hipo Ghana

They have a variable rate of payment for everyone who wishes to drill a borehole, with every region having its own fee, which is appropriate for transportation and other costs. You can visit their website (https://ablewatersolutions.wordpress.com/) for more enquires or call 0209028621 / 0249277996 / 0303936226.

 Massoud ISS Water Ventures 

Massoud ISS Water Ventures, which was founded in 2013, is one of the most dependable borehole drilling firms in Kumasi, Ghana. Borehole drilling for water wells, geophysical investigation, hand-dug wells, and groundwater monitoring are all services they provide. From the initial geophysical survey to drilling and turning on the water tap, they always deliver the best option.

So far, Massoud Water Ventures has completed a number of significant supply projects, including: Distribution of pipelines Tanks built on a higher-level Borehole drilling and mechanization

The company provides services to NGOs, businesses, and individuals. They also have a large selection of hand pump accessories. Suame Magazine is where the company is located. Borehole hand pumps, such as the Afridev hand pump, Indian Mark II, and Nira AF-85 hand pumps, as well as electric pumps, are also repaired by the company.

You can write to P.O.BOX S.E 779, Suame Kumasi, Kumasi, Ghana, or contact Phone (0506949260), Mobile phone (0506949260), (0261303895) for details on any of their services or products. You can also contact them through their website (http://www.massoudventures.com), where their customer service team would be happy to assist you.

Mint Borehole Drilling Services 

You will undoubtedly come across Mint Borehole Drilling Services if you are staying in Takoradi or in Tamale. This company has been working to address the various water needs of many people in various parts of the Ghana. 

They aim to offer safe drinking water in order to meet Ghana’s expanding water demand. Mint has three borehole drilling rigs. They have completed a number of projects in Ghana’s difficult terrains, demonstrating their competence and technical talents in digging wells and providing reliable water supply. 

They’ve worked on drilling projects in a variety of terrains, including Conglomerates, Metamorphic, Alluvium, Basement Rock, Sedimentary, and Volcanic.

Geophysical surveys, borehole servicing and rehabilitation, borehole drilling, and the supply of hand and submersible pumps are among the services they provide. 

If you have any questions about the services they offer, please contact this reputable firm by phone at 0202461557 or by mobile phone at (0244867465, 0240826452). Kofi Annan Av. North Legon, Accra, Ghana is the company’s address.

M-Mesh Borehole Drilling 

M-Mesh Borehole Drilling is a professional borehole drilling firm based in Accra, Ghana, that was founded in 2006. They do, however, have offices in Cape Coast, Wenniba, the Western Region, Ashanti, the Central Region, the Northern Region, the Volta Region, the Brong Ahafo Region, and Koforidua. 

They manage borehole water system drilling and mechanization for businesses, households, and institutions, among others. With an electric submersible pump, they provide mechanized borehole services. 

This pump provides water to clients as soon as the pump controller is turned on. Additional services include: Plumbing services, Mechanised borehole with a hand pump, Hydrological survey for drilling, Water quality test, Installation of hand pumps and electrical submersible pumps, Repair of old pumps and boreholes, Construction of concrete water reservoir and stands, Water treatment services, Hydrofracking of dry borehole. 

The Hydrofracking helps to increase the volume of water if a borehole has a low or less supply water-yielding capacity. 

Their technical engineers are available 24/7, so please contact them at +233547179464 or +233209863853. For more details, go to M Mesh Borehole Drilling Company Ltd’s Facebook page.

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