Who is Edgar, Allan, and Poe? Baltimore Ravens Mascot 

When it comes to blending literature with the world of sports, the Baltimore Ravens have managed to create a unique and captivating identity. Named after the famous writer and Baltimore resident, Edgar Allan Poe, these mascots bring an extra touch of literary charm to the football field. In this article, we’ll dive into the intriguing story of Edgar, Allan, and Poe, exploring their origin, personalities, and their impact on the Ravens and their fans.

Hatching of the Raven Brothers

When the Baltimore Ravens were unveiled as an NFL team in 1998, the team’s name paid tribute to the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe, who called Baltimore his home. To further honor this literary connection, the Ravens introduced three costumed mascots known as Edgar, Allan, and Poe. These raven brothers embodied the spirit of Poe’s iconic poem “The Raven,” adding a touch of literature to the world of sports.

The Stereotypical Personalities

Each of the raven brothers represented different positions and personalities found within NFL players. Edgar, the first to hatch, symbolized the proud and authoritative demeanor of linebackers, defensive backs, fullbacks, and quarterbacks. Allan, the quicker and excitable bird, personified the energy of receivers and running backs. Lastly, Poe, the lovable mascot, portrayed the characteristics of linemen on the football field.

Meet the Raven Brothers

Edgar – The Proud Leader

Edgar, the tallest and broad-shouldered brother, holds the title of the team’s leader. His personality mirrors the pride and determination seen in key players on the field, making him an iconic representation of linebackers, defensive backs, and other crucial positions. As the first of the trio to hatch, Edgar sets the tone for his raven brothers and the team.

Allan – The Energetic Speedster

Allan, slightly shorter and thinner than Edgar, brings boundless energy to the Ravens’ flock. His agile nature represents the speed and excitement of receivers and running backs, making him a favorite among fans who appreciate his dynamic and vivacious spirit on the field.

Poe – The Lovable Lineman

Poe, the last to hatch, embodies the characteristics of linemen in the game. He may not be the fastest or most agile, but his endearing and easygoing personality has won the hearts of fans far and wide. Always on the lookout for the perfect cheeseburger, Poe’s charm extends beyond the stadium to community events, tailgate parties, and more.

The Loyal Cheerleader of Charm City

Since hatching in 1998, Poe has been a symbol of loyalty to Charm City and the state of Maryland. His enthusiasm for the Ravens and his home city is contagious, resonating with fans of all ages. From high-fiving supporters to posing for selfies, Poe’s engaging personality makes him a beloved figure among the Ravens’ faithful.

 A Raven with a Sense of Humor

Beyond his loyalty and team spirit, Poe is known for his playful and humorous antics. Whether photo-bombing pictures or surprising unsuspecting teddy bear shoppers, Poe’s goofball nature adds an element of fun and excitement to every event he attends.

Community Engagements and Appearances

Poe’s presence extends well beyond the football field. You can find him at festivals, parades, birthday parties, and more, showcasing his dedication to the Ravens and the Baltimore community. He relishes engaging with fans, spreading positivity, and bringing joy to the lives of countless supporters.

Edgar and Allan Return

Retirement and Injury of Poe

After the 2008 season, Edgar and Allan retired, leaving Poe as the sole mascot for the Ravens. Unfortunately, during a halftime football game against kids in 2022, Poe suffered a knee injury, leading to his placement on injured reserve for the rest of the season.

A Familiar Solution from Within

To fill in for the injured Poe, the Ravens looked no further than their own history. Edgar and Allan, who had been in retirement for 14 years, were brought back to take on the role of mascots once again. This reunion delighted fans and maintained the legacy of the three raven brothers on the field.

The One-Year Contract

Edgar and Allan signed a one-season contract to be the Ravens’ mascots for 2022. The team offered them bird seed and nest expenses as part of the deal, highlighting their value and significance in representing the spirit of the Ravens.

 The Legacy of Edgar, Allan, and Poe

Paying Homage to Edgar Allan Poe

As mascots for the Baltimore Ravens, Edgar, Allan, and Poe embody the literary legacy of Edgar Allan Poe. They serve as a constant reminder of Baltimore’s rich literary history and the city’s deep connection with its renowned resident.

 A Literary Connection on the Football Field

The presence of Edgar, Allan, and Poe on the football field adds a touch of uniqueness and charm to the Ravens’ identity. They demonstrate that the world of sports and literature can blend seamlessly, creating a connection that resonates with fans and captivates audiences far and wide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Edgar, Allan, and Poe?

Edgar, Allan, and Poe are the mascots of the Baltimore Ravens, named after the renowned writer Edgar Allan Poe.

What do Edgar, Allan, and Poe represent?

Each raven brother represents different positions and personalities found within NFL players. Edgar embodies linebackers, defensive backs, and other key positions; Allan symbolizes the energy of receivers and running backs, while Poe portrays the characteristics of linemen on the football field.

What happened to Poe, the mascot, in 2022?

During a halftime football game against kids in 2022, Poe suffered a knee injury, leading to his placement on injured reserve for the rest of the season.

When did Edgar and Allan return as mascots?

After 14 years in retirement, Edgar and Allan returned as mascots in 2022 to fill in for the injured Poe.

What literary connection do Edgar, Allan, and Poe have with Baltimore?

The Baltimore Ravens get their name from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven,” making these mascots a tribute to Baltimore’s literary heritage and its famous resident, Edgar Allan Poe.


Edgar, Allan, and Poe, the trio of raven brothers, bring a captivating literary charm to the Baltimore Ravens and their fans. Named after the legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe, these mascots symbolize loyalty, energy, and endearment. Their engaging personalities and playful antics have made them cherished figures in the hearts of Ravens supporters. As they continue to represent the Ravens both on and off the field, their legacy lives on, honoring the literary roots of Baltimore and delighting football enthusiasts with their unique presence.

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